Louisville Dog Wizard

Contacting Patrick with Louisville Dog Wizard was one of the greatest things I could have done for my dog! Obedience was never the issue for us, but rather reactivity and anxiety that resulted in some fear-based aggression. I’ve been through several trainers, but Patrick gave me the most realistic approach to handling the issues that were inherited with adopting an older dog. He fully understood what we needed to accomplish, and guided us in establishing a training plan with goals that didn’t overreach her capabilities. I learned so much about how to better communicate with my dog, thereby strengthening our relationship, and giving me a sense of confidence in her and my ability to handle her. Two thumbs up from a happy customer here!!!

-Tiffany O.

Charlotte Dog Wizard

I brought my 8 year old beagle Eli to the Dog Wizard and completed the 4 day fundamentals program. All I can say is WOW. I was at a loss of what to do as anytime Eli saw another dog on walks he would bay and howl uncontrollably which was really stressful for us both and other people walking their dogs. We had done private training lessons before at another place but it did not improve his behavior. I was scared that since he is an older dog, the behavior would be so engrained in him that it could not be corrected. I was completely wrong! I couldn’t believe the transformation that took place within a few days. When I came to pick him up he was around 5 other dogs but his focus was solely on me while walking on leash. He now walks on a leash well at home and when he sees other dogs is able to remain calm. Most importantly the trainers gave me the tools to refocus Eli if he gets off track so I don’t feel nervous bringing him on walks anymore, I actually thoroughly enjoy it. My boyfriend and I still can’t believe this is the same dog! Cannot wait to bring him on a hike in a few weeks, which I thought would never be possible! Truly life changing. Can’t wait to participate in pack walks!

-Jessica J.

Charlotte Dog Wizard

AMAZING! AMAZING! You know in life how you always buy services that turn out to be a waste of money? This is the first time in a LONG time I can honestly say it was WORTH every cent! At first I was a NERVOUS wreck leaving my Gator from 2 weeks for the homeward bound program. Our trainer did a fabulous job with follow up calls, texts and on facebook posts. Immediately my husband and I were blown away seeing what he was doing online. When we went to pick him up it was such a happy teary day! My dog blew our minds! Just like anything in life our dog Gator’s success is dependent on our follow through and practicing with him. Before you couldn’t even walk our dog without your arm being pulled out of its socket, now he calmly trots in heel beside us. I highly recommend DOG WIZARD. For those reading this whose dog is at DOG WIZARD now and are missing your dog so so much… trust me… he/she will remember you and be so happy to see you when you pick them up. Such a great moment. GOOD LUCK DOG LOVERS! I am writing this now 2 months post dog wizard. The examples of how he is calm when the doorbell rings, walks perfect, stays in “place” for LONG periods of time continues to amaze me. I gladly boast about Dog Wizard on a weekly basis. Best investment. The key is you the owner HAVE to be dedicated to work with your dog once they get home. We go to the free classes on Saturdays. They really mean it when they say “free training for the life of your dog.”

-Danielle E.

South Atlanta Dog Wizard

Our 15th month old German Shepherd was a bundle of energy with no structure. It has been years since we’ve had a puppy in our home and we were frazzled. After doing extensive research, we called Matt and discussed our issues with chaos. After a evaluation we decided to go with the 2 week program they offered. Matt was excellent with chaos and with us. Chaos now has the structure he needed and we learned how to provide that structure for him. Best decision we ever made! For anyone looking for an excellent trainer, I highly recommend Matt and The South Atlanta Dog Wizard.

-Deborah D.

Fort Collins Dog Wizard

The Fort Collins Dog Wizard and Jess is an AMAZING trainer and I highly recommend her! I have been very pleased with her services both for my own dogs and for my client’s dogs. Her attention to detail and down-to-earth approach is great.

-Molly A., DVM

Wilmington Dog Wizard

Wilmington Dog Wizard is the best! I signed up for puppy preschool with my baby pug, Bentley, and it has been such a positive experience for both of us. Bentley has been getting the crucial socialization he needs and more. Shelby and Lauren answer ALL my questions and go above and beyond what is expected. They teach things that I would never even think of training my dog to do! I think I might have more fun than my dog, but it’s a tough call. If you have a puppy do not hesitate to sign up, you won’t regret it.

-Jonathan G.

Wilmington Dog Wizard

Wilmington Dog Wizard is the best! I signed up for puppy preschool with my baby pug, Bentley, and it has been such a positive experience for both of us. Bentley has been getting the crucial socialization he needs and more. Shelby and Lauren answer ALL my questions and go above and beyond what is expected. They teach things that I would never even think of training my dog to do! I think I might have more fun than my dog, but it’s a tough call. If you have a puppy do not hesitate to sign up, you won’t regret it.

-Jonathan G.

Sarasota Dog Wizard

I have put now not one but THREE of my incredibly different dogs each with very different issues they needed help adjusting go through Sarasota Dog Wizard. My experience with this company and this group of trainers has been beyond any success i could have hoped for with my fur babies. Most recently Jack was able to essentially adopt my TWO Great Danes and not only reassure me from afar with daily texts & pictures that my babies were in amazing hands, but also to deliver WAY over-and-above the results i was looking for. He was not only able to teach my stubborn danes the correct way to act, but he also helped teach me the way to get the result i wanted from them. Just seeing the bond Jack had with my Danes was more than worth it. The only thing i wish i had done differently was bring my dogs to Sarasota Dog Wizard sooner and avoided the stress. Its safe to say this amazing company and these great guys have earned a lifetime client out of me 🙂

-Kylie J.

DC Dog Wizard

Scott and the folks at DC Dog Wizard are incredible. Our Schnauzer Captain has transformed from a bit of a disaster into a confident, obedient, and well-adjusted member of the family. In addition to working directly with Captain, the folks at DC Dog Wizard are always available for our questions or concerns. It was a truly awesome experience and I would highly recommend DC Dog Wizard to anyone with a dog.

-Nate N.

Tampa Dog Wizard

It’s only been 3 weeks since we started training with Tampa Dog Wizard, but I am so beyond happy with the results so far. I cannot believe how much of a different dog my Dixie is. I cannot wait to see the end results of this. 100% worth your money!

-Katharine S.

Columbia Dog Wizard

I couldn’t be happier with the results – A very big thank you to Columbia Dog Wizard!!! We started with puppy school with our Vizsla at 9 weeks with Ashley and it was an excellent experience all around. Basic commands and the all-important socialization really helped our puppy become well balanced. Most recently at 8 months, we had Sam train Rez for the 2 week program and we are still blown away by the results. Sam excels at what he does…our dog, without a shadow of a doubt, has evolved more than we could have ever imagined! Equally important is Sam’s connection that he has with the dogs in his care – he is the real deal. So happy we made this decision!!!!

-Paul D.

Greenville Dog Wizard

I contacted Greenville Dog Wizard for help with my 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd, Heinz who had fear aggression and was scared of most everything. From the day that I met Tara, I knew that she was going to be able to help me, and she definitely did. I could not be happier with the results. I think that the best way to describe it is that I now have peace of mind. I know that I can control Heinz in all situations, and that is such a huge relief for me. Heinz is a much happier dog because he is so much more comfortable in all situations. Tara has been such a pleasure to work with, and if I could give her more than 5 stars, I would.

-Jamie H.

Orlando Dog Wizard

I am a first time dog owner and after I brought my puppy home I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. I began researching options in Orlando and talked to a couple dog trainers trying to decide what puppy class would be the most informative and practical for my puppy and I. My puppy was doing great with potty-training but she was biting me and drawing blood and had so much energy that I didn’t know how to channel in a positive way. I talked with Patrick about the behavior problems I was having and my desire to take my dog to the beach, park, friend’s houses and other places.

I attended Orlando Dog Wizard Puppy School and within a few classes as my puppy and I learned some things and started having more structure the changes were unbelievable. Some of the things we learned were: how to walk, sit, lay down, place (One of my favorites! Place is having your puppy or dog sit or lay down on a chair, park bench, rug on the tile floor and stay there until you let them know it is okay to do something else. This makes getting some great pictures really easy and it’s also useful for many other things.), change directions on a walk, meet people and other dogs, not jump on people, crate training, addresses any problem behaviors, positive reinforcement, correction when needed, call your puppy to you when she’s playing and so much more!!! Within a couple months of class because I practiced what he taught I was able to play hide and seek with her and we were working on advanced skills. I would highly recommend Orlando Dog Wizard and Patrick Shackleford and Puppy School to anyone!

Thank you for your insight and empowering me to better communicate with my puppy. I am looking forward to doing Obedience Training with Patrick.

-Becky H.

Jacksonville Dog Wizard

I have a 3 year Great Pyrenees Zoey. Beautiful, sweet dog with some problems with jumping on people and not coming when called. I couldn’t let her out of the fence. With a double knee replacement looming in my near future. I had to get control of my dog! I got in touch with the Jacksonville dog wizard and asked if Zoey could be trained. I left her with the wizard for 2 weeks. Every day I would receive videos of Zoey’s progress. She learned to remain calm and obey commands. Zoey is obedient and happy and we both have much more freedom. Thank you so much, Jacksonville dog wizard.

-Jennifer M.

Cincinnati Dog Wizard

My husband and I rescued Kiwi from a shelter in mid June and she was a lovely dog. She needed some help building her confidence, as friendly as she is, she still was easily frightened and timid when it came to new things. She also needed to improve her manners for she would pull on the leash, then jump and pounce on anyone who walked by on our walks. As a young puppy it was also difficult to get her to focus and listen to us when she seemed to be more interested in her surroundings, and frequently over excited. It was even difficult to get her to sit. Erik not only helped us correct her unwanted behaviors, but he showed us how to follow up with a more desirable behavior. He helped us find ways to channel Kiwi’s over excitement by working on her commands so that she didn’t channel it in other ways like pulling on the leash and jumping. After 7 short weeks, Kiwi is a totally different dog. She is more calm, listens much more quickly, and our walks are a lot more enjoyable. I am now able to heel Kiwi past people without her jumping, and heel her past things she used to be scared of. The place command is one of her favorites, and it’s one that has helped boost her confidence the most. She still has some work to do focusing and heeling in high distraction areas and around dogs, but she has come such a long way. We are very proud of her and our relationship with our dog has grown so much since we put her through the training program. Erik was so helpful and always available if we had any questions. We would highly recommend Cincinnati Dog Wizard to others.

-Amanda L.

Tampa Dog Wizard

Tyler of The Tampa Dog Wizard is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable dog trainer that I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

When we first started, my dog had aggression issues and was so high strung that he was on medication to help him relax, but he was so high strung it didn’t work. He was on edge all the time and the smallest thing would freak him out to the point of aggression. His confidence was low so his fear was high. He had obedience training before, but the foundation and communication just never clicked with him and it felt like he was out of control. At our first meeting, Tyler said dogs normally have their epiphany moments 3-4 weeks in and that their behaviors can show major differences around then. I was skeptical that it could happen so fast, but still hopeful.

We just finished our fifth training session (and have been working with Tyler for a little under two months) and the change in my dog is just amazing. I have never been more proud of him (or any pet). While he’s not perfect yet, we’re slowly, but steadily breaking down his bad habits and replacing them with good ones that he’s even happy to have. He’s learned/learning how to relax. He doesn’t look for places to dominate, and is instead looking for places where he is praised. His confidence is up. He’s no longer on medication for anxiety and he’s much more relaxed pretty much all the time. He’s a great listener and is eager to please most of the time.

At risk of sounding cheesy, Tyler really is a dog wizard and I couldn’t be more grateful. Working with him has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for not only me, but for my dog who is so much happier and healthier from the one-on-one training that was tailored to his style of learning and his learning speed.

I couldn’t say enough praise for Tyler/Tampa Dog Wizard and I would recommend them to anyone.

-Pattie C.

Nashville Dog Wizard

This was one of the best things my husband and I have ever done! We adopted our 3 year old lab Murphy from the animal shelter and even thought he was adorably sweet, he was a stubborn hard headed little guy! And he loved to take off! We sent him to the 2 week program and we can’t believe what it did for him! We are able to have him off leash 100% of the time and he doesn’t run off, he heels, he comes, he sits, he stays… It’s truly amazing this is the same dog. He has mellowed out and just loves on us most of the time now. We were impressed with Kendall, he was very professional and was (and is) always available for questions or concerns. We know he took great care of our dog and could see this when he had to say goodbye to him. He genuinely cares for these animals. We are incredibly glad we made the decision to do this!!

-Laura B.

Atlanta Dog Wizard

This is the most important and best investment we have ever made in our dogs’ lives. We did the 7 week, personal training program with Justin and it has changed our lives, but more importantly, our dogs’ lives. The Atlanta Dog Wizard invested even more into our dogs and our lives than my husband and I could have ever imagined, not only in obedient behavior for the dogs, but behaviors for us as well. We have a 5-year-old Shih Tzu Bichon Mix who is somewhat anxious and stubborn and a 10-month-old Labradoodle with ADD and so much energy and Justin literally worked a miracle with both. Our smaller dog is more calm, feels less anxious and neurotic and now acts like he has more of a purpose, while our Labradoodle feels like she’s working and has focus, is much more mentally stimulated and sweeter than ever. Both dogs went from jumping all over our guests and us when we were eating to being able to relax in their “place” and behave wonderfully. We can now enjoy walks without them pulling us over and they are even obedient off-leash! The difference Justin has made is amazing and if that’s not enough, he offers group sessions to solidify the training for life. During the training, Justin was prompt and each lesson didn’t have a “time limit”- it was over when it was over. We felt comfortable with everything Justin taught our dogs and we understood the logic behind all of it because we were in constant conversation with Justin the whole time. Justin was accessible for any questions between sessions and even after our last session, made sure we knew he’s there for our dogs for life. This was one of the best decisions my husband and I have made and if your dog needs training at all- I 100% recommend The Atlanta Dog Wizard. Our dogs did not have major behavioral issues, so until we got a large one who was a little more to handle, I didn’t think that training was necessary. Now, I don’t know how we lived without it. We will always recruit The Atlanta Dog Wizard for our dogs!!

-Alexandra B.

Durham Dog Wizard

Robert was an amazing trainer and so patient to work with. He helped me with my four year old dog with leash aggression and greeting skills. He provided such clear direction on what I needed to change in my behavior and disciplines to ensure the training would continue and improve. It has been an amazing transformation to see and has opened a whole new world for us. I can now take my dog into all sorts of settings where I used to avoid. I just can’t say enough about how it just made walking my dog in any environment a joy! Incredible difference and it has continued to improve over time. His support after training and the amazing Saturday morning dog meet up walks are such a great opportunity to keep up the work and distractions and exposure.

-Paula B.

Grand Rapids Dog Wizard

I can’t express how grateful we are for Sarah and the dog wizard team! Hands down the best decision we’ve ever made. Scout had a lot of separation anxiety, anxiety in general, and huge issues with strangers inside and outside of the home. Having company over to the house, going to the vet, walks, or anything that had to do with going out in public around new people was an absolute nightmare. Scout’s legs would tremble, he’d bark and growl at strangers, and show every sign imaginable that he was extremely anxious/nervous/uncomfortable. After two weeks, Scout came home a completely different dog. He still had his same lovey and cute personality, but he was much more confident and calm. We couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. Sarah showed nothing but love and care to our boy and transformed him into the confident pup he is now! Life is so much fun and relaxing now! Highly, highly, highly recommend

-Caitlin R.